Web Hosting

Osashosting.com specializes in the hosting mission critical application and database-driven websites. Our experienced and understanding of advance technologies has allowed us to develop one of the most stable and responsive hosting environment for any web sites. All sites hosted at Osashosting.com are housed in the most advance server facilities in Malaysia. Our Data Centers are powered by fully redundant systems with backup generators.

We understands that a sophisticated Data Centers are meaningless if your server crashes. To this end, osashosting.com has a complete monitoring system which includes an expert system that both monitors the server and can automatically repair problems without a technician assistance. 90% of all osashosting.com can be solved by our monitoring system within 1-2 minutes.

If a problem is not solved automatically, our skilled technicians are on site to complete the task. We are able to be proactive because we don’t just host web sites, but we are also capable of developing them as well.

Our Vision

We aim to be the choice hosting provider. We will attract the best employees, develop and deploy the best technology, and deliver the best products and services.

Our Mission

We will help our Customers worldwide grow their online business through delivery of innovative products and a reliable service platform.

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