Development & Customization

When working with OSAS, our client gets the full benefit of our in-depth knowledge of system development, database technologies and the latest Web technologies applied to the specific e-Business solution. We help our clients to enhance their solutions as their business needs secure change and growth. Our requirements study produces a comprehensive understanding of client needs. A tho-rough analysis facilitates the development of system solutions that effectively address business requirements. Our customised system solutions improve the way our clients do business and give them a quick return on investment.

We excel in:

  • Data & Information security
    Protect and secure your data and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.
  • Data communication encryption
    Encrypt data communication which is contains confidential information within network connected servers, workstations and computer to ensures that sensi-tive electronic information such as emails and etc. remains confidential against both internal and external threats of loss, theft and unauthorized exposure.
  • Secure file transfer
    Transfer data between any two locations securely with encryption-based that delivers enterprise-grade security, reliability, scalability and performance that works in large production environments, and guarantees that data transmissions will remain secure traveling across open networks.
  • System customization
    Our system customization services deliver maximum benefits with minimum disruption of our client’s business operations. Our systematic approach in as-sessing, planning and implementing processes lowers product deployment time with minimum risk in customizing and migrating to new technologies.
  • Application & Remote Service Acceleration
    Enterprise network users, including remote employees, contractors, business partners, customers and suppliers require reliable access to business applica-tions regardless of location. We provide solutions to speed up your performance of network infrastructure to deliver the efficiency and availability as users expect without increasing large expenses.
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