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Zimbra Is an Open Source Software Community powered by OSAS.

OSAS team uses an open source software development methodology. That means we use many proven and highly web-scalable open source components as building blocks in Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Zimbra Desktop.

There are several major benefits to this approach:

* Time is spent innovating, not re-inventing the wheel
* Faster product maturation and more features
* Our code is freely available to the community to use, review and modify

Key to OSAS Team and Zimbra’s success is the vast community of over 20,000 developers and IT professionals who help make the product better by providing feedback, support and code contributions. They are active in the Zimbra Forums and Wiki, with about half using Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) Open Source Edition (available for free) and half using ZCS Network Edition. The community is a great place for getting Zimbra tips; you can easily find free expert help for all our products there.

Zimbra and OSAS, the company, was started in 2004 by a small group of like-minded people who believed traditional email was “broken” and good collaboration tools were not accessible to most organizations cost-effectively (here is the original whitepaper). Five years later Zimbra has grown into a movement with millions of users worldwide. Today Zimbra is a division of VMware operating independently to deliver world-class experiences to our customers in education, businesses and enterprises as well as to consumers via VMware and our other service provider customers. We have proven track record that justifies companies from over spending on their email applications. We ensure a 60% less cost compared to other email solutions. call us and we are glad to give you a quote. Should you require further details of our SAAS services please click or

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