Technical Support Services

Your business depends on your network, which is why you count on OSAS Technical Support services. Whether on call or on site, our skilled, IT experts help you to ensure that your network investments are protected, up-to-date, and tuned for optimal performance. You can choose service plan to match your business requirements and be confident about your network and your business future.

We excel in:

  • Technical management services
    OSAS is dedicated to provide long-term win-win relationships between the company and our customers. Our difference is our strength and our strength will naturally be turned into advantages for our customers. We are proficient in providing IT security solution and Open Source services and our employees are experienced engineers and certified technicians.
  • Incident response
    Provides expedited reaction to an issue or occurrence.The incident for example is the breach of security. The response depends upon level of damages by the incident, such as minimize damages,investigation, restore the resources, and attempting to guarantee data integrity.
  • On-site/Off-site support
    OSAS offer annual application support and maintainance to our clients. Our service includes 1st and 2nd level application support and maintenance. We offer support during office and off office hours and on-site or off-site support depending on the individual client’s needs. We have well-defined Service Level Agreements that give you the assurance of consistently superior performance. Our technical help desk services helps our client with first-level IT support, offering a single point of contact for all support service requirements and enabling effective ‘on call’ solutions that drastically reduce problem resolution time.
  • Product maintenance
    OSAS provide maintainance for IT infrastructure, including on-site and off-site support services. Our sound methodologies and robust technologies enable us to manage your IT operations efficiently, on either a dedicated or a time-and-materials basis. Our support manages your server environment and backup effectively to maintain performance at optimum levels. Our support services provide quick deployment, standardization and maintenance of desktops across the client organization, resulting in cost and time savings, better manageability and increased productivity.
  • Network maintenance
    Manages your server environment and backup effectively to maintain performance at optimum levels. Our server management offerings ensure that server parameters and operating systems are administered and tuned well.
  • System integration service
    Our system integration services include deployment, planning and ex-ecution, including client installation and data migration for messaging systems and applications.
  • Product migration services
    Our services deliver maximum benefits with minimum disruption of our client’s business operations. Our systematic approach in assessing, plan-ning and implementing processes lowers product deployment time with minimum risk in migrating to new technologies such as email migration and client’s migration.
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